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Barrett M98b


Its still a work in progress... build log can be seen here.

M4A1 Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD)



  • Type: Ball valve, single shot air rifle
  • Stock material: Fir wood
  • Weight: 3Kg
  • Length: 850mm / 950mm
  • Barrel length: 500mm / 600mm
  • Barrel diameter: 13mm
  • Barrel/bolt material: PVC
  • Width: Max 60mm, Min 10mm
  • Height: 320mm
  • Primary cartridge: 112x13mm nail dart
  • Maximum range:+200m
  • Feed system: Bolt action
  • Sights: Iron, red dot
  • Accuracy: -5cm groups at 10m
  • Operating pressure: 30 Bar
  • Maximum pressure: 40 Bar
  • Trigger system: Spring, self resetting trigger and spring release
  • Safety systems: Safety valve


 Here it is with the new airtank...

Cheap red dot and iron sights replaced with an G&P Aimpoint ML2.


Update  8/2012

After years of service, the low quality wood on this rifle deteriorated and had to be scrapped. The action is in no better shape either.

I plan to rebuild this rifle using beech wood and a full metal action so stay tuned!


MP7A1 Personal Defence Weapon

Added improved trigger system, replaced schrader valve, new firing valve and a new spring.

Repainted to matte black. More info coming soon!

Accuracy International L96 A1


  • Type: Single shot air rifle
  • Stock material: Fir wood
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Barrel length: 670mm
  • Barrel diameter:13mm
  • Barrel/bolt material: PVC
  • Width: 40mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Primary cartridge: 112x13mm nail dart
  • Maximum range: +200m
  • Feed system: Bolt action
  • Sights: homemade short range scope, red dot
  • Accuracy: 10cm group at 20 meters
  • Operating pressure: 8 Bar
  • Maximum pressure:  20 Bar
  • Trigger system: Spring, manual reset 
  • Safety systems: Safety valve


  • Spring Vibration dampener
  • Small RIS above the firing valve & safety valve
Notes: Rifle disassembled, partially used for other projects.


 This was my first "advanced" air gun. Back then I didn't have much tools and knowledge so it didn't turn out as good as I wanted to but hey...a lot of people struggle to make something like this. 

It had a long barrel - about 900mm but no bolt system witch made it a muzzleloader, 1 main 2l airtank under the handguard and an optional 2l airtank in the back. Those 2l bottles were a pain in the butt to fill so I started making smaller airtanks out of green ekoplastik PVC with higher psi rating. Accuracy was poor because it mainly fired wet toilet paper balls and there was no iron sights or any good optics on it since I didn't know how to make them at the time.   It didn't shoot too hard, it wasn't so accurate.... it had no need to be... it made a loud scary sound every time I shot it and it was huge! I was more likely to scare someone with it then hurt them.

Wood frame...

Airtank - (left up) firing ball valve, (left down) 2l bottle - main airtank, (right up) 2l airtank attachment, (right down) one way valve, ball valve, bike pump attachment - this part had a fatal flaw... I've put the one way valve in front of the cutoff valve witch made it ware out quicker and leak while pumping.


 Notes: Rifle disassembled, all parts scrapped