FA's Armoury


These were my first papercraft models. Some didn't turn out as good as they could... but     hey I never did anything like this before back then.

If the images load slowly, pls post about it in the forums and I'll make new pages, each for specific type of papercraft. Thanks

  Chevrolet Corvette

 Lotus Espirit 007

  BMW Kommissar 

  Mercedes G - Generator

  Mercedes M-Class

  VW Golf        

  Mercedes C-Class

  Hummer - Stretch 

  Ford Crown Victoria New York State

  Cadillac Escalade

  Chrysler 300C

  Dodge Magnum

  VW Touareg

  BMW 520

  BMW 750 iL and trailer

  Mercedes T

  AMG Mercedes GL 63 and Maybach Exelero Concept Car on the trailer

  Jaguar XKR

  Mercedes CLK-GTR


  Mercedes Benz SK

  Ford E 350 ambulance


  Mercedes-Benz Atego DLK


  Virgin Atlantic AIRBUS A340-600 

  F-35B Lightning 

  F-14 Tomcat

  Ravel S-37 (unpainted)


  Windmill, Holland

  Great pyramid of Khufu 

  Sydney opera house, Australia..... Under construction


  BSG Viper MK2

  Battlestar Pegasus

  Battlestar Galactica